About Us

 Hi there!

Welcome to Little Warrior Skincare, a natural alternative to chemical based skincare products.

In recognition of my son Texas, I created Little Warrior Skincare. He has faced alot of battles since birth which earned him the nickname 'little warrior'.

When Texas was born he suffered a stroke which caused alot of difficulties for him. A continuing problem for him to deal with was skin ailments and reactions to chemicals found in many creams and lotions.

This set me on a path to find natural alternatives. I first came across the benefits of hemp in producing my Moisturising Balm, which had alot of positive feedback among family and friends. The balm reduced Texas's inflamed skin dramatically overnight.

eczema little warrior skincare hemp balm

However, I know it's not just my son who reacts to these artificial products. This has motivated me to seek out other natural skincare products.

My goal is to raise awareness for naturally derived skincare products throughout the community, and to develop a range of skincare products that my customers can trust to only contain natural ingredients.

Thank you for reading our story.

Warm regards,